Vinyl Flooring in Edmond, OK

Brewer-Carpet-One-Vinyl-FlooringFor wide versatility, durability, and reliable quality, vinyl flooring is an excellent flooring choice for any home or business. With an almost infinite array of patterns, colors, and styles, vinyl is one of the most popular flooring materials on the market today. For creative printed patterns and extensive water resistance, vinyl sheet flooring is a prime choice. Vinyl tile flooring is excellent for those who enjoy the appearance of natural stone, ceramic, or hardwood floors, but want the durability and spill resistance of vinyl. Whatever your personal style is, we’re sure to have the perfect type of flooring to suit your needs.

Luxury and Longevity with Vinyl Tile Flooring

Also known as luxury vinyl tile, vinyl tile flooring is an elegant and timeless option that lasts for years with very basic maintenance.

Often designed to mimic natural materials like slate or granite, vinyl tile has all the looks of these beautiful materials with the added benefit of being low maintenance and easy to clean.

To care for LVT, also known as luxury vinyl tile flooring, simply sweep dust and dirt from the floor at least once a week and make sure to clean spills as soon as possible. One of vinyl’s greatest benefits is its spill resistance, meaning it prevents stains from setting into the floor as long as messes are wiped away quickly. When sweeping is not enough, mopping may occasionally be necessary, using a recommended cleaning product. As long as you keep your LVT floors clear of dust, spills, and out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods, you’ll have a beautiful floor for many years to come.

Enjoy the Beauty of Hardwood with Vinyl Plank Flooring

One of the most popular home floor style trends for decades has been hardwood floors. Their depth of color, timeless appearance, and ability to work with any décor theme has made them a favorite for many years. Luckily, you can have all the beauty and style of hardwood floors in an easy-to-care-for format. Vinyl plank flooring has the versatile ability to appear as virtually any species of wood, with all the detailed woodgrain pattern, color, and tone that natural wood has. Vinyl plank flooring is a great alternative to hardwood floors for families with small children, pets, or a large amount of foot traffic. The durability and variety available make this a great, affordable option for any home.

Vinyl Sheet Flooring for Water Resistance

For ultimate water resistance in rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, vinyl sheet flooring is a perfect choice. Its seamless quality allows large areas of floor to be covered in one piece of flooring. This prevents water from seeping in through the tiny cracks between pieces of flooring, which helps stop mold from growing in your home. This flooring is available in a multitude of patterns and colors, so there’s certain to be something to fit the décor you choose for your home.

Protect Your Purchase with Vinyl Flooring Installation

Once you’ve chosen the perfect vinyl flooring for your home remodel or upgrade, allow our flooring specialists to install it. An important part of ensuring your floors last as long as possible is proper vinyl flooring installation by professionals, so let our friendly team install your new floors properly.

Contact us today to choose your new vinyl flooring and schedule installation by a professional. We proudly serve Edmond, OK, and the surrounding areas.